Business Slavic languages

Our Centre offers two specially developed trainings focusing on the communication skills needed for business and other professional areas.

Ukrainian or Russian as foreign language for business I (Designed for students at levels A2-B1)

This course is for students of the beginning level interested in Ukrainian or Russian as foreign language business communication. In this course you will master the basics of Slavic grammar, phonetics and vocabulary (your vocabulary will be 1500-2000 lexical units); acquire oral skills needed for communication with clients and colleagues; learn to read printed advertisements and announcements; develop business negotiations and telephone conversation skills.

  • Exchanging personal and professional information
  • Telephoning
  • Meeting and welcoming a visitor to your company
  • Describing current and future projects
  • A brief presentation of your company
  • Organizing an event
  • Organizing a trip

Ukrainian or Russian as foreign language for business II (Designed for students at levels B2-C1)

This course is for students who already have some background knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian as foreign language are interested in improving their skills in business correspondence, communications, and negotiations. In this course you will develop the communicative and language skills needed for professional business activity in the following areas: business meetings; presentations; telephone contacts; business correspondence; participating in exhibitions and fairs.

  • Describing a corporate culture
  • Delivering an instructive talk
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with unexpected problems
  • Preparing and explaining plans
  • Making requests on the telephone
  • Meetings
  • Negotiations

For corporate customers we provide development of company-oriented trainings with vocabulary topics reflecting company's main activities and students' professional needs. To get more information please contact us by phone or fill in the application form.