English language courses at the Centre for Language Development


To know English today is not a luxury but a condition of a modern life.

English expands the boundaries of professional and everyday communication. The Internet, IT technologies, social networking, international co-operation, as well as your career growth are connected with English.

The Centre for Language Development offers you to study and complete an English course in order to communicate with business partners, feel comfortable while traveling, and read books and watch the films in the original, be part of the world community.

The knowledge of English offers a lot of opportunities from aesthetic pleasure to doing business in Ukraine and abroad.

To begin with, define your language level – go straight to the online test here!

The team of our teachers at the Centre for Language Development invites you to take classes General English (General English Course) and Business English (Business English Course).

With the help of modern communicative techniques and the best audio and video tutorials, you can develop all the language skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

At the Centre for Language Development, six levels of spoken English - from Beginner / A1 to Advanced (Advanced / C2) - are offered to you in full compliance with the Pan-European System for the Formation and Assessment of Language Competence. During testing, we will determine to what extent you know English.

You can also take an individual specialized English course dedicated to the following subjects:

•Preparation for passing international examinations for further education or work in England, USA, Australia;

•Preparation for a job interview in English;

•Writing (compiling) motivational letters when submitting documents for participation in international programs;

•Negotiations in English;

•Training course for external testing (external independent evaluation).

The price of the English course

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