DELE. Подготовка к экзамену

DELE (Diploma de Espanol como lengua extranjera) – is a worldwide recognized diploma certifying the Spanish language proficiency level as a foreign language .

  • Diploma de Espanol (Nivel Inicial) elementary level
  • Diploma de Espanol (Nivel Intermedio) standard level
  • Diploma de Espanol (Nivel Superior) higher level

The DELE exams confirm the fluency of the language.




Examinations of the three levels include 5 types of tests and exercises:

  • Reading. Reading of the text and choosing the right answer to the question.
  • Letter Writing a composition
  • Audition Listening to audio and choosing the right answer for questions
  • Grammar and vocabulary. Various tasks for selecting the right word or phrase
  • Spoken language. Conversation with commission members.

If you have a desire to confirm your knowledge of the Spanish language, we will help you. Teachers of the Center of Language Development will qualitatively prepare all applicants for an international exam. We will help you to understand all the intricacies and nuances.