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Online Individual Intensive classes -10%
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Level 40 hours = 340 Euro


We have a special offer for Russian and Ukrainian learners – a unique intensive course. This course has been specially designed to combine all the elements of an intensive language course with a focus on communication skills and a cultural awareness course with a variety of social, cultural and practical material.

The course is perfectly suited for groups and individuals willing to improve their communication skills and knowledge about Kiev and Ukraine. In a specially designed programme the learners will learn the basics of Russian or Ukrainian language as well as a lot of practical and communication-focused information about life in Ukraine. This course is a perfect kick-off for further development of language skills but also a perfect stand-alone course for thos who do not have time to dig into the difficulties of these slavonic languages.


Individual intensive course (1 week)

4 lessons / 1 hour each

20 hours per week

200 EUR

(enrolment + certificate)




 2 persons: - 30%

3 - 4 persons: - 40%

Intensive course recommended for 1 level:

Period of Studying: 2 weeks - 400 EUR
Schedule: 5 days per week, 20 training hours per week.
One training hour lasts 60 minutes.
In total you get 80 teaching hours (quantity recommended for one level)
Individual training or lessons in a small group


  1. All fees must be paid on the first day of the program.
  2. Bank charges (in case the payment is done via bank transfer) are to be covered by the participant.
  3. There is no reimbursement for unused services.