Italian language courses at Centre for Language Development


The Italian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful languages of the world, impregnated with the sun, sea, melody and, of course, southern temperament. It is the Italian language that continues to inspire artists and poets, directors, musicians and designers. Get inspired you too – start start learning Italian together with the Centre for Language Development.

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At the Centre for Language Development, you will be able to quickly and qualitatively learn the basic spoken Italian language, and if necessary, achieve a professional level of language -proficiency. During the process of learning, such skills as speaking and its perception, reading and writing are developed. For training, we use modern and effective methodological developments, such as In Italiano and Progetto Italiano. You only need to have desire and work hard.

We offer you the six-level courses of the Italian language - from "beginner" (A1) to "advanced" (C2) level in full accordance with the Pan-European System for the Formation and Assessment of Language Competence. After testing, we will determine your level of the Italian language.

You can also take an individual specialized Italian course dedicated to the following subjects:

• preparation for passing international examinations for further education or work in Italy;

• preparation for an interview in Italian;

• writing (compiling) motivational letters when submitting documents for participation in international programs;

• negotiations in Italian;

• training course for external testing (external independent evaluation).

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