Russian as foreign language at the Centre for Language Development

The Centre for Language Development offers studying Russian as foreign language for foreign citizens using special programs developed on the basis of state university standards of Ukraine.

Our goal is to help foreign students acquire language skills that provide full-fledged communication in Russian as foreign language in various fields of communication. In accordance with this purpose, in our Centre you can take a course of studying Russian as a foreign language using a special intensive technique that suits your needs and interests and corresponds to your linguistic level.

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At the Centre for Language Development, six levels of Russian as a foreign language are offered, from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1), in full compliance with the European System for the Formation and Assessment of Language Competence. After testing, we will determine to what extent you are fluent in Russian as a foreign language.

At any time you can take the program "Business Russian", which will give you the opportunity to communicate in Russian in business and political circles. Those who wish can take specialized Russian courses in political science, culture studies, literature, stylistics, media language, and an intensive "survival course" in their country of residence. We are confident that we will be able to meet the communicative needs of each student by offering him/her a way from the elementary ability to express their wishes and intentions to free fluency in Russian as a foreign language.

The cost of learning Russian and Ukrainian as a foreign language

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