The holiday is quite close, but you do not know what to present to your relatives, loved ones, partners?

We have an excellent gift offer- a gift certificate for learning a foreign language from the Centre for Language Development.
Offer 2 variants of gift certificate:

1) For the desired course to study (You choose the appropriate course and language of studying). If you do not want to indicate the cost of a gift certificate - it will not be indicated at your request.

2)подарочный сертификатFor a certain cost (the owner of the certificate himself determines the desired course and language of studying). If necessary, the bearer of the certificate is given an opportunity to pay the rest of the desired course.


The certificate is registered;
To activate a gift certificate you need to call the following phones:

(044) 289-50-27,

(096) 428-15-18,

(063) 620 40 89    

and tell the certificate number to the manager or write to us by e-mail,;

Term of activation of the certificate: 6 months from the date of sale;
After determining the level of proficiency, the manager of our courses will offer you a corresponding group;
The certificate can not be exchanged for money, recovered after loss or returned.