Polish language courses at the Centre for Language Development


Centre for language development proposes Online Individual and Mini-group classes

If you set out to study the Polish language - you are welcome at the Centre for Language Development.

The language of our western neighbors is one of the greatest Slavic languages and the greatest Western Slavic language in terms of the number of native speakers. About 40 million people speak Polish; moreover, it is one of the official languages of the European Union (since 2004). The Polish language proficiency exam is required to obtain a Pole’s card. For you, the Centre for Language Development offers an effective communicative methodology, modern teaching materials and qualified teachers who are interested in your results!

To get started, define your Polish language level - go straight to the online test here!

The main component of the Polish language program is a communicative approach, the purpose of which is to teach you to communicate in this language. The Centre for Language Development offers a Polish course, developed on the basis of the modern textbook Hurra Po Polsku and the best Polish editions. Therefore, we were exceptionally diligent while choosing programs and communication tutorials for you.

We offer you six levels of Polish language - from "beginner" (A1) to "advanced" (C2) level in full accordance with the European System for the Formation and Assessment of Language Competence. After testing, we will determine to what extent you are fluent in Polish.

You can also take an individual specialized Polish language course dedicated to one of the following subjects:

• preparation for the passing of international examinations for further education or work in Poland;

• preparation for an interview in Polish;

• writing (compiling) motivational letters when submitting documents for participation in international programs;

• negotiations in Polish;

• training course for External testing (external independent evaluation).

The cost of teaching Polish

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