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If you have set a goal to learn Polish, you should go to the Centre for Language Development.

The language of our western neighbors is one of the largest Slavic and the largest spoken Western Slavic language. About 44 million people. Polish is spoken and is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union (since 2004). 
Knowledge of the Polish language is required for: 
 - passing the state exam to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Poland. 
 - obtaining a Polish Card (min. Level A2-B1 - interview with the Consul is held in Polish) 
 - training in the Polish university (depending on the chosen specialization and a particular university requires a level from B1 to C1 (eg for medical fields)
For you, the Centre for Language Development offers effective communication techniques, modern teaching materials and qualified teachers who are interested in your results! 

To start with, define your Polish language proficiency level - take the online test on our website .

The Polish language program is based on a communicative approach aimed at teaching and using the language. The Centre for Language Development offers a Polish-based course, that was developed on the basis of the up-to-date materials issued by the best publishing houses Prolog,Glossa,Universitas that specialize in scientific and methodical literature. That is why we have taken a special responsibility in choosing the programs and communicative textbooks for you. 
We offer you five level courses of the Polish language - from "zero" (A1) to "advanced" (C1) in full compliance with the European system and the system of language level assessment. During the test, we will determine the level of your knowledge in Polish.
You can also take an individual specialized Polish language course on the following topics: 
 • preparation for the international exam 
 • preparation for entrance exams in Polish (incl. narrow-profile) 
 • preparation for an interview in Polish; 
 • preparation for an interview to obtain a Polish Card; 
 • writing (drafting) motivation letters when submitting documents for participation in international programs 
 • negotiations in Polish.

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