1) Changing the dates of the international exam in Polish as a foreign language.Due to the introduction of enhanced preventive measures caused by the spread of COVID-19, the State Commission for Confirmation of Polish Language Proficiency as a Foreign Language has decided to postpone the exam scheduled for March 27-28, 2021 to June 8-9, 2021. 
2) Scheduled exam dates in 2021: 
January 30-31: level B1 for adults, 
March 27-28: levels B1, B2, C1 for adults, B2 for adolescents, 
June 19-20: levels B1, B2, C1 for adults, B1, B2 for adolescents, 
November 20-21: levels B1, B2, C1 for adults.
The examination for candidates who for religious reasons cannot take the examination on Saturday will be held on June 20, 2021.