Spanish language courses at the Centre for Language Development


Spain, sun, wine, rhythms of Spanish guitar and salsa - this beauty can be felt through a language spoken not only by Spaniards but also by half of the world. The knowledge of the Spanish language will be useful not only to those who are going to relax on the beaches of sunny Spain, but also to those who have business interests in Latin America.

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At the Centre for Language Development, the Spanish language is taught via modern communicative programs. During the process of learning, such skills as speaking and its perception, reading and writing are developed. The attractiveness of the Spanish language is also reinforced by the fact that it is one of the easiest languages to learn. Its grammar is not complicated, and almost all the words are read as written. For training, we use modern and effective methodologies, such as Avance and Prisma. Using these educational materials, you can prepare for the International Spanish Exam DELE.

You can also take an individual specialized Spanish course dedicated to the following subjects:

• preparation for the passing of international exams for further education or work in Spain and Latin America;

• preparation for an interview in Spanish;

• writing (compiling) motivational letters when submitting documents for participation in international programs;

• negotiations in Spanish;

• training course for external testing (external independent evaluation)

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