The Centre for Language Development offers a range of express trainings aimed at developing and improving communicative skills. In just one day (from 3 to 8 astronomical hours), students will get acquainted with the basic principles of communication and the preparation of memorable performances.

In order to increase the effectiveness of perception of information during training, interactive methods of work (role and business games, discussions, moderation techniques, presentations) are used.

We have already prepared training for you on topics:

• "Successful communication";

• "Effective Performance";

• "Public speaking (on a given topic)";

• "Successful Speaker";

• "Interview";

• "Telephone conversation".

We conduct trainings in Russian or Ukrainian.

Our main advantages:

• Trainings and programs are licensed by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine;

• Express method of rhetorical education - 8 classes for 3 astronomical hours within 1 month;

• Trainings of rhetoric, oratory, public speaking, speech technology, business rhetoric are held in mini-groups (4-6 people), as well as individually;

• Preparation and conducting of individual trainings;

• Always open for corporate clients (trainings for companies, office workers).

• Classes are conducted by trainers who have many years of experience in teaching rhetoric and mastery of public speaking;

• At the end of the training a Certificate will be given (in case of successful mastering of the material).

After listening to our communicative-oriented trainings, you will be able to:

• speak a language fluently;

• prepare for any performance;

• speak so that you are listened with curiosity;

• conduct a discussion;

• have clear diction and correct gestures.

Become masters of oratory and public speaking with the Centre for Language Development!