Ukrainian language as foreign language at the Centre for Language Development

Ukrainian language courses in Kyiv for beginners are designed in the form of training - for adults who do not speak Ukrainian (which can be extended by the course of business communication in Ukrainian).

The Ukrainian language course is ideal for those who plan to receive Ukrainian citizenship. After completing the course and having passed the test, you will receive a certificate of knowledge of the Ukrainian language necessary for the registration of citizenship of Ukraine.

The training "Ukrainian for beginners" is recommended to all who set themselves the goal of learning how to speak Ukrainian and to be fluent in any situation. This course of the Ukrainian language has been conducted by our teachers in Kiev for eight years, and during this time, many students were able to verify its effectiveness and learned not only to read and understand, but also to speak and write correctly in Ukrainian.

The training consists of 24 lessons for 1 hour and 20 minutes each, designed for comprehensive study of the Ukrainian language using an intensive material delivery methodology. The proposed system of studies consistently reveals the foundations of the Ukrainian phonetic system, grammar, contributes to the formation of the necessary lexical base, the skills of oral speech. Course of practical orientation; the main emphasis is on spoken language, which allows students to obtain the required language skills in a short time.

Business Ukrainian course

The Center for Language Development offers a course of Ukrainian business language developed for those whose work involves communication with business partners and clients. The purpose of this course is to develop and improve the skills of business spoken language, to overcome the language barrier. The training program is aimed at the practical application of vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation of the Ukrainian language.

You will also acquire the necessary terminology of business communication, you will know how to properly build a telephone conversation with clients and business partners. After completing the course you will be able to compile and execute documents used in the business sector, conduct meetings, business negotiations and interviews in Ukrainian business language.

The training consists of 18 classes for 1 hour and 20 minutes each.

The individual corrective course of the Ukrainian language is designed specifically for those who need to bring the Ukrainian language to perfection. This course is designed for students who speak Ukrainian but need additional skills. This course may be aimed at improving:
- phonetics;
- vocabulary;
- grammar;
- special terminology.