Ukraine, Ukrainians, Ukrainian language

The general information
The course consists of 48 academic hours (24 lessons / 1 hour 20 minutes) and
is intended for foreigners who want to get acquainted to the Ukrainian language and
to the Ukrainian culture. Every lesson includes the both aspects.
The general Ukrainian language course is aimed to teach you conversational
Ukrainian for day-to-day communication at the Basic level. It allows to get
acquainted with basic forms of Ukrainian speech etiquette. A student will be able to
express thoughts and ideas in Ukrainian and will learn to read short adapted texts
(200 words) on household and socio-cultural issues.
The other part of the course is dedicated to the Ukrainian country study. A
student will have an opportunity to learn the most notable things about the Ukrainians
and their culture.
The price of individual course
24 lessons (each lesson - 1 hour 20 minutes) × 320 UAH = 7 680 UAH.*
-7% with the prepayment for the whole course: 7 680 UAH - 7% = 7 145 UAH.*
The course lasts 3 months with taking lessons 2 times per week.
*Price of studying materials is included.
The detailed course program is available upon request.